Hey look Emily’s doing her one blog post of the year where she makes new years resolutions and doesn’t stick to any of them and then abandons the blog till this time next year…

It won’t take much for 2018 to top 2017 at all as it has been completely pants to be honest. There have of course been a few highlights like our Florida trip back in April and of course becoming an Aunty to gorgeous little Freddie.

2017 was a shocker. It saw the end of many things i love at Walt Disney World. We had to say goodbye to Wishes .. I have never cried so much in my life ever. We also lost classic attractions like the Great Movie Ride, one I’m personally very sad to see go.

Personal life wise in 2017 I lost relationships and friendships I never thought id lose, but also gained new friendships and met some amazing people!!

I can’t remember last years resolutions so onto this years that ill have forgotten by next month…

  • Say yes to more things
  • Focus my time on those who are there for me
  • Don’t let anyone tell me my worth
  • Become more organised
  • Take time for myself
  • Spend less time worrying about what everyone else is doing
  • Be happy.

2018 is looking to be a good one already, Paramore in a few weeks, Miss Saigon in March!!! Then our Disney trip!!! If anyone still actually reads this then I wish you all the best for 2018. I hope its a great year for you. I am excited to see what it has in store!! I might even attempt to write on here more than once a year!

Thanks for reading!


Tale as Old as Time.

Remember when I said I’m going to start up this blog again and we’re already in the middle of march and this is only the second post this year? I know, Im doing a great job.


At the end of last month (February) I made a very big decision to finally buy myself my first car!! Its only been 4 years since i passed my test ..

Ive never been confident at all when it comes to driving and always avoided it when possible but i had wanted a car for a while now and i knew exactly what i wanted. So off my and the mother went to just go and ‘have a look’ with 0 intention to actually buy a car. They actually don’t make the Mini’s in the colour i had been dreaming of anymore (like a duck egg kind of blue) So i was shown different colour options and fell in love with this particular mini. After sitting in it and taking it for a little drive round the car park (I hadn’t driven for 2 years) i ended up leaving being the owner of a brand new car and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Meet Mickey .. The Mini ( I thought I was being clever ..) emily-car

Yesterday I started my day watching the new Beauty and the Beast film. I’m going to be completely honest i wanted to hate it. I haven’t been keen on the idea of Emma being Belle, not sure why i just have never been able to see her being right for the part, and the whole idea of the cast being British instead of american even though its set in France .. I know. But something about it just made me nervous and i went in with a very very narrow mind with no room to welcome change.

You’re making a live action Disney CLASSIC?! New songs? New bits to the story? Are you mad?!

As you can see I’m clearly not a fan of change. I was nervous, but had no reason to be. I still stick with the idea that maybe Emma wasn’t right for Belle but the film itself was just stunning. absolutely stunning. From the opening intro with the classic Beauty and the beast music we love so much i immediately had goosebumps.

Parts of the film threw me off a little as i couldn’t help compare it to the original animation and so wasn’t expecting the added bits of narrative. But ugh i urge everyone to go and see this film  as soon as you can!! You will 100% not be disappointed.

I absolutely love Josh Gad as Lefou i think the whole character was just brilliant. Gaston too, both my two favourites. Theres just some added things in there which will really make you chuckle, things that smaller kids might not necessarily understand but for the adults its brilliant. I won’t give anything about it away. Everyone really needs to go and see it for themselves. It is stunning. Disney really did themselves proud.

I spent the entire film sobbing my little Disney loving heart out, laughing and just falling in love with Beauty and the Beast all over again. I clearly need to be a bit more open minded and trusting when it comes to things like this. Disney know what they’re doing. Clearly.


We are now just 3 weeks away from getting on that plane to our favourite place on the planet and I am in no way prepared But so damn excited!!!!!!!  I still have all my holiday shopping to do and need to lose about a stone so i can put it back on why I’m over there and only three weeks to do so!!

So I best get cracking!

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New beginnings.

2016 was rubbish year for most and I can agree it wasn’t the best for number of reasons that I won’t go into. But lets not dwell on the past!!

2017, new year new me and all that.

This year is already proving itself to be so much better than the last and we’re only 22 days in. We go to Florida in 12 weeks, The excitement is real!!!

I don’t have any resolutions set in stone .. but there are a few things I  want to work towards this year, so why not share them with you all eh?

  • Make more of an effort with this blog – I love writing, it won’t be a weekly thing by any means BUT it will be more than once a year! (I hope) Just sort of when i feel like i have something worth writing about??
  • Do more things that I enjoy
  • Say yes to more things
  • Have a more positive outlook on everything
  • Have more patience
  • And finally look after myself better!

Oh if any of you are into your musicals like I am .. go and have a listen to ‘Heather’s the Musical‘ soundtrack. It has been on repeat for the last week. I am a little obsessed .. not going to lie. The dream is to have them crazy vocals to hit those notes!! I need people to obsess over this with sooo go and have a listen, you’re welcome..

Not much else to say, I hope this year treats you all well!

Thanks for Reading!


Welcome to Operations, Merchantainment & Discovery day.

Sunday 6th September.

Another early start, woke up at 4:30 and got to the bus stop for 6:15 as the Welcome to Operations class started at 7:30. We we’re all shown how to clock in, which meant one thing.. We were now officially getting paid!!

The class was a few hours long with lots of information to take onboard. Lots of it we’d been told at Traditions. This class focused a lot of Safety, Sorry Safe D. Class finished around 11:30 and we all went for lunch.

After lunch we had our Welcome to Merchantainment class, no idea how to spell that so just go with it ..

This was a 2 hour class and a bit more fun and interactive than the class this morning. This was a more laid back class teaching us the ways of merch and whats expected of the role etc.

I got back to my apartment around half 2 and just wanted to sleep for the rest of the day, i was shattered, however with a thunder storm happening outside and my roomie nearly setting the apartment on fire leaving her popcorn in the micro wave that wasn’t likely to happen.

Tomorrow, Discovery day. Which means all the new CM’s taking a guided tour round Epcot being told fun facts and sweating to death.

Monday 7th September.

Today went really quick compared to other training days. I haven’t noted what time the day started but my guess is that it was fairly early.

Today was just to get a feel for our home park, being told fun facts and not so fun facts about the park, like where all the toilets and smoking areas are as no doubt someone is bound to ask you that at some point.

It was hot outside, not helped by the fact we were all in business wear. I struggled today trying to stop myself turning into a big sweaty puddle.

We were all spilt into groups and toured Future World and World Showcase, we didn’t walk the round the whole of WS, we cheated and took the boat around, i was very very grateful for this.

Once the tour ended we headed back and had a quick talk about the Four Keys etc and then our names were called pavilion and role at a time and we got our training schedules for the next week. Then home time!


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September 5th –

An early start this morning for the day I had been counting down to for quite some time! It was Traditions day! The day started at 7:30am when the bus picked us all up from Chatham. It seems that they had under estimated the number of us attending traditions so we ended up sitting around and waiting for a bit whilst they faffed around with the buses. We left Chatham half an hour later.

We arrived at Disney University and waited a little longer until we were shown to our class. Traditions class started around 9am and i finally met up with the rest of the UK CM’s that i would be working with. Im not sure how much i can talk about Traditions so this might be a very brief post. For the first few hours we learnt about safety and the basics and then it was time for lunch! After lunch we headed back to the class room for a couple more hours before heading out to Magic Kingdom!!!

We were divided into two groups and taken for a quick tour of the kingdom. It was a very very VERY hot day in the kingdom and we were all feeling it after such a long day. We stopped to take a few group photos in front of the castle and headed back to Disney University.

If you’re reading this and don’t want any spoilers i suggest you stop reading now ..

Once we’d all got back and settled there was a knock at the door and who walks in? The boss man or should i say mouse himself! Mickey mouse came to visit us all and he brought gifts! Mickey had brought with him a big gold box which held all of our name tags inside!!


We were called to the front one by one to get out name tags and our schedules for the next couple of days and that was traditions over and done with.

name tag traditions

It was an extremely long day but the day is what you make of it. It was nothing less than magical and I am truly grateful that I was lucky enough to experience it for myself.

I headed back to my apartment, quickly changed then the family and I headed to the mall and i managed to come home with a new pair of converse! Successful day all round!

Thanks for reading!


Paperwork/Universal & IOA

3rd September 

The paperwork session is the last bit of faff really before the Disney training commences as this is when you find out your date and time for Traditions! To make things easier they do ask that you have all the relevant documents with you and they try to make it sound like its a matter of life and death if you show up without them. This is not the case as i found out. Having been sent home at this point back in April doing this all over again i was told i wouldn’t need certain information as they already had it on file. It turned out that when i got there and told them this there was a lot of huffing and eye rolling. After they’d done throwing a wobbler they brought out a pack of paper which just so happened to be the one i needed and started handing them out. So basically what I’m saying is if you forget the paperwork its not the end of the world as they do have spare copies (just do your best to take what they ask you).

Paperwork session done i caught the bus back to The Commons and packed myself an over night bag as my dad was on his way to come and pick me up for a weekend of Universal/IOA fun!.I was absolutely starving by this point so we stopped off at a 7/11 to get some food. We arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel, I love this place and we spent a good 10/15 minutes stood outside in the blistering heat trying to figure out why the light inside the car wouldn’t turn off. Once sorted we found our room, the rest of the family had already been to Universal whilst i had my paper work session so they were now all by the pool.

We did a whole lot of nothing for a while and i spoke to Joe for a little while too. Once we’d all done with doing nothing we headed back to our rooms and got ready for tea at the Hard Rock Cafe. I can’t remember what i ate but i do remember whatever it was it was delicious & probably a ridiculous amount of food.

4th September

Islands of Adventure day!!

We headed over to the Harry Potter part first as we knew this would be the first part of the park to fill up. We rode the forbidden journey (not sure on the name) and then headed for some breakfast at the three broomsticks i believe. After breakfast we headed over to the ride that used to be duelling dragons no idea what the new name for this is.. my universal knowledge is just not as good as my Disney. After this we managed a few more rides and headed over to the water rides.

butter beer

harry potter snowman


Sarah, dad, grandad and myself all rode ripsaw falls, I haven’t ridden this for years! (so happy they made it safer) It is no surprise that we got absolutely drenched. So what better way to dry off then go on the rapids?! These rapids are my favourite ever! We were all wet through, so wet that we all crammed ourselves into one of those people drying machines coming out feeling just as soggy. Having rode most of the rides and feeling extremely wet and uncomfortable we all decided to head over to Universal as i hadn’t gone yesterday.

the hulk

We made our way over to the Hogwarts express and qued for what seemed like a life time. This que is no joke and i really do think they could of made it a little more interactive to make the hour + wait a bit more bearable. This is one of many things that Disney do right.

Once we’d made our magical journey over to Universal the plan was to explore Diagon alley which never happened. Instead once we got to universal the weather was so bad we ended up camping out for a good half hour until it started to show signs of stopping. We managed to do a few more rides, The Mummy, Transformers and the new minions ride which i really think is a much do! I loved it.

After a long day in the parks we headed out onto City Walk towards a place called Cowfish. I had been dying to try this place after seeing it in one of TheTimTrackers vlogs, the food looked amazing. We were not disappointed! The burgers we all ordered were huge but we still managed to find room for Dessert (taking half of it home for breakfast).


Feeling uncomfortably full and tired we made our way back to the hotel to grab our things and headed back to the Disney bubble. I was dropped off outside my complex and made my way back to my apartment.

Alarm was then set for a super early start because .. TRADITIONS TOMORROW!!!

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Housing & Immigration.

September 1st.

I had a day off between check in and meetings which was spent in Hollywood Studios with Lise. She was lovely enough to let me use one of her guest passes to get into the park and then she linked me up with her fast passes. The only rides i can remember doing are The Great Movie ride and Tower of Terror. After that we headed to watch Fantasmic and I cried and then we headed to watch the Frozen Fireworks as they were literally finishing the next day and id never seen them before. The fireworks blew my mind, the crowds not so much. It was super crammed, however after the fireworks ended it seemed to take literally all of 10 minutes to move thousands of people out of the park. Disney always always amaze me with their fireworks. I would quite happily just stand and watch Disney’s firework displays all day everyday for the rest of my life.




September 2nd.

If i can remember rightly my meetings didn’t start till around lunch time. I made my way there and sat around for a bit waiting for them to open the doors. First up we had the Immigration meeting which lasted roughly an hour, so much information to take in about visa’s and what not. time just seemed to slow down. They allowed us a short break before our next meeting to get food/drinks etc.

They really try to make the housing meeting as fun and interactive as possible which helps other wise we’d all of been asleep i reckon. In this meeting they went over the rules of whats acceptable and whats not while living on the complexes. Again theres a lot of information but they do try their best to be as interactive as possible and the two CM’s that hosted it were pretty funny which made time go a little faster.

Both meetings over I made my way back to my apartment and face facetimed Joseph for a little bit before getting ready  to be picked up by the family for our reservations at Sanaa. I had been looking forward to this ADR for the longest time. I had spent months drooling over photos of the bread service which of course we ordered (x2) It was incredible i literally can’t think of the words to describe how good it was. If you’re heading out to Orlando I highly recommend this place.


We ate more than we probably should of done and made our way to a cute little lounge to sit down and chill for a few minutes. I think we were all exhausted so we all piled back into the car and headed back. I was dropped outside the gates of The Commons and walked back down to my apartment. Oh i haven’t mentioned my apartment literally the last building right at the back of the complex, not so fun when you’re exhausted!

Tomorrow- Paperwork session and Universal for the weekend!

Thanks for reading.